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History & Milestones

From a factory in Cambridgeshire; the race car that took over the world

Radical Sportscars is born. Radical's first model, the 1100 Clubsport is completed. The compact open cockpit chassis uses a powertrain based on a 1100cc motorcycle engine.
The 1300 Prosport is completed, powered by a 1300cc hand-built RPE racing spec engine. This car was available with F3 size slick tires and an adjustable rear wing.
The SR3 is introduced. SR being a reference to "Sports Racer". This 2 seater race car would prove to be Radicals biggest success.
The SR8 is introduced powered by a bespoke Radical designed and engineered RPE V8 engine.
Our first appearance at Le Mans with the SR9 LMP2
The SR8 LM, an improved version of the SR8, completes the Nürburgring in a staggering 6m48s. The Nürburgring's record for fastest production car would not be broken again for 12 years.
1,000th car produced
Launch of the SR3 SL road car at Frankfurt Motor Show. Until now, Radical models had always used motorcycle engine based powertrains. The new SR3 SL is the first to use an engine from an 4-wheeled vehicle, the Ford 2L direct injection turbo engine.
The SR1 prototype is unveiled, featuring a 4-cylinder 182BHP RPE engine. It is pitched as an entry model for clubsport racers looking to enter sports prototype competitions.
The RXC is released, featuring all the company's knowledge and experience from the SR9 Le Mans car. With its large adjustable rear wing, the prototype body looks like a full-blooded race car but is also available in road-legal versions.
RXC receives European Type Approval for road registration
Delivered 1000th SR3
20th anniversary; 2,000 car built RXC GT in carbon revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
To mark Radical's 20th year in business, a new brand identity was launched featuring a new "R" mark highlighting the racing line.
The new Rapture is unveiled. Featuring a Ford 2.3L inline-4 turbo engine, this model boasts a dry weight of just 765kg. The car offers incredible acceleration, able to reach 60mph in just 3 seconds, with a top speed of 265km/h.
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The SR3 XX is introduced as a the latest generation of the SR3. Featuring a suite of data options and upgraded technology allowing race and track drivers access to more data and feedback than ever before.
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The SR10 debuts featuring the Ford EcoBoost 2.3L inline-4 turbo engine with which Radical had assisted in developing. More affordable than the SR8, this model would sell 50 units in just 9 months.
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To celebrate our 25th anniversary the inaugral Radical World Finals are held in Las Vegas, USA, at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort. The company name transitions from Radical Sportscars to Radical Motorsport as we focus on track-only cars.
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The SR range are aligned under the "XXR" generation banner - significant updates arrive in the form of the SR1 XXR, SR3 XXR and SR10 XXR.
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Radical relocates sales, marketing and motorsport teams to a new premises at Donington Park Circuit.
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